Safe and effective electrical work.

Safe and effective electrical work is important in all areas of work, however is vital in industrial facilities. As our employees are working in these environments everyday, they understand the importance of creating a safe working environment for everyone.

Types of work

  • Power distribution, mains and control wiring.
  • Safety systems.
  • Remote modem access.
  • Telemetry communication.
  • Variable speed drives.
  • CAD drawings.
  • Industrial lighting.
  • Regular safety checking and notification regarding potential problems.
  • Replacement of unserviceable parts.
  • Breakdown repair.
24-Hour Breakdown Support

Safety does not stop when we go home!

We encourage our clients to contact us if they have any worries about their electrical machinery. In order to prevent any accidents, make sure that your electrical wirings are always maintained and looked at by your trusted electric contractor Valley Electrical & Air.